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According to US statistics, texting while driving is the leading cause of death among teenagers, with more than 3,000 teenagers killed each year and even more injured. Yet despite this known danger, we continue to use our phones while driving, whether for texting, checking emails or tracking GPS. For a generation increasingly attached to our phones, we’re unlikely to be willing to let them down for good, but we can all do our part to promote safe, hands-free driving by using the Stable car holder.

Designed by the darling of the maker world Susan taing, the Bsteady is a smartphone car holder with a universal curved design that secures any phone in any car, allowing drivers to charge their phone and access GPS directions without taking off the wheel. The 3D printed prototype has undergone more than 50 painstakingly tested iterations to arrive in its final and perfected form, and it is now available on Kickstarter.

Unlike other bulkier mounts, the Bsteady has a sleek, patent-pending original design that doesn’t obstruct your driving view or ventilation. The 360º vent clip fits any car vent, even at an angle, and eliminates grip tools or suction cups, which tend to fall off and could make driving even more dangerous. As its shape suggests, it actually “anchors” your smartphone in place. Thanks to its flexible curve, it can adapt to any smartphone, from iPhone 6 Plus to Samsung Note and more.

Rapid prototyping and 3D printing design helped take Bsteady from concept to final product with the best possible usability and thoughtful design. Taing is a born problem solver and is familiar with modern manufacturing techniques. A graduate of MIT and Stanford, a former Google employee and a member of a family of manufacturers, Taing regularly takes daily problems and strives to find the most creative, aesthetic, durable and affordable solution. Frustrated by current manufacturing techniques, she founded Bhold in 2013, and has since offered smart, playful and minimalist accessories, such as the Bspacey travel organizers and the Bheard sound module. As with all of its products, rapid prototyping produces between 50 and 100 iterations before the most effective design is approved.

Rapid prototyping not only ensures a better product, but it also ensures a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workflow. “The concept for Bhold grew out of my frustration with the way we manufacture today,” Taing said. I believe we could learn to make things more efficient. By producing only small batches of prototypes before turning the final product into full-scale production, 3D printing allows it to produce only what it needs, thereby minimizing the enormous waste that occurs during traditional manufacturing.

Susan Taing, founder of Bhold and creator of Bsteady

The funds from the Kickstarter, which in a few days have already almost reached half of its target, will be used to create a mold for mass production. Although the prototype was 3D printed in durable nylon, Taing plans to mass-produce it in a silicone-like composite rubber that provides extra grip and will feel “more visibly” durable. “The 3D printed nylon for the prototype is also very strong, but since it is a brand new material, it needs more explanation to make users feel more comfortable with it,” explained Taing. It looks like its products are more advanced than what the market is ready for, but I have a feeling the rest of the world will soon adjust.

The Bsteady Universal Car Holder is durable, carefully designed and, at its heart, is a tool that will encourage us to drive safer, potentially saving lives. If that’s not a good design, I just don’t know what it is. Each sells for $ 20 on Kickstarter and is available in blue, black red, or purple.

Taing’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Real Simple, ELLE, MAKE and others in the past, and she was one of the country’s 100 designers invited to the White House for their very first Maker Faire. We’ll be keeping an eye on this ingenious designer as she continues to shake up the world of 3D printed consumer goods.

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