A new account called E-Money

Bank Loan and Credit offers a new account called E-Money. What can lead customers to take advantage of the above bank proposal? An element attracting us will certainly be free maintenance of this account, 4% for funds accumulated on the account per year, and interest-free credit within the account to the amount of USD 5,000.

However, we all know that for the bank to present us with a favorable offer, we must meet certain conditions.

This is also the case with Loan and Credit

This is also the case with Loan and Credit

Of course, the bank will keep an account for USD 0 , provided that the monthly inflows are lower than USD 1,000. In other circumstances, we will pay a USD 10 monthly account maintenance fee for this service.

If, however, we meet this condition, then also free of charge we can use all ATMs and here a surprise – around the world!

Standing orders, internet transfers or direct debits will also be free.

And how is the case when it comes to the payment card to the account ? Here we have another need to implement. The card will be free, provided that once a month we will use the same card to perform a non-cash transaction in the amount of not less than USD 300. And again, if we do not meet this condition, we will pay USD 7 per month for the card.

Quite a complicated concept


For the average Good Finance is offered 4% for the accumulated funds on the account. The proposal sounds really tempting. And how it looks in reality. 4% is valid for 12 months from the moment of setting up the account. And this extremely favorable interest rate is subject only to the highest impact in the month, meeting the conditions of the promotion.

However, it cannot be higher than 5000 USD.

And finally, the interest-free loan under the account is up to USD 5,000. It is interest-free for the first 12 months of launch. No commission is charged. Renewing your loan for another year or increasing the limit will cost us 1.8% minimum USD 55.