Employees working at the drive-thru have undoubtedly seen it all – from men ordering on horseback to customers climbing through the take-out window and even a cow passing through the line.

TikTok via @nachoauvo

TikTok via @nachoauvo

And while these bizarre incidents are basically comical, the experiences of others aren’t so funny.

A Starbucks customer in British Columbia, Canada found out the hard way when a Starbucks sign fell on his car as he drove through the drive-thru, causing a commotion the size of a venti.

TikToker Auvo (@nachoauvo) posted a video of the aftermath of what happened after a huge Starbucks logo fell directly on his car in a video that garnered 2.7 million views.

“It was very scary,” he captioned the video, which documents the building and the outline of where the logo should be before panning to him sitting stunned in his car showing his bumper. – cracked breeze.

@nachoauvo That was very scary #starbucks ♬ Laugh funny no no no – Sound Effect

In a follow-up video, the TikToker shows additional footage that appears to have been taken by a car behind it in which viewers can clearly see the sign begin to fall from the side of the building seemingly out of nowhere before tearing onto its bumper. breeze and fall to the side.

He told the daily hive that her son was also in the car at the time of the incident.

“It scared us a lot, my six-year-old son was in the car. It scared him the most,” he told the outlet.

@nachoauvo Part 2 at Starbucks sign falling on my car #starbucks @starbucks ♬ Oh no – Kreepa

Viewers were equally horrified and scoffed at the matter, joking that he should have taken the opportunity to claim an injury so he could get some settlement money from the company.

“I would need 20 franchises, a billion dollars and a drink named after me,” one user joked.

The video poster later clarified in the comments section that the incident was unfortunately part of an already bad day that had gotten significantly worse.

“We had a shitty day, my brother’s birthday who passed away,” he told viewers. “Fiancé locked the keys in the car. Starbies was supposed to come in gear.”

But don’t worry, he was actually compensated for the damage to his vehicle, and more.

“We spoke to Starbucks. They asked us not to talk about the settlement because we’re happy with how it worked out,” he shared. “I will say, —— Our wedding is paid for :)”

It’s sweeter news than a Frappucino!

Starbucks Canada told the daily hive that they are actively investigating the incident.

“Our on-site partners acted quickly to keep everyone safe. We spoke directly to the customer and are actively in discussion with them to offer further assistance,” the company said. “Starbucks Canada takes great pride in creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone and our priority is that this never happens again.”

Entrepreneur has contacted Starbucks for additional comment.


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