Albertville Culvers has been busy last year with long lines for their drive-thru. To help fight the lines, they opened up a second lot to serve more customers.

Construction of the Culvers parking lot located at 11025 61st St. NE, Albertville began on November 15 and was completed on November 17, according to owner Deanna Wesley,

On November 19, the equipment was installed, including a new steering wheel control system, two new menu panels, as well as awnings above the two new order confirmation panels. The landscaping around the drive-in will be completed in the spring.

“More and more people have shifted their visits to drive-thru over the years,” Wesley said. “This trend has intensified with the COVID-19 restrictions. We used a hangar as a second drive-thru from April 2020 when our dining room was closed. In the long run, it wasn’t as safe and effective as we needed it to be. We continue to have fewer visits to the dining room and wanted people to be served faster.

According to Wesley, the staff needed to learn new techniques to manage a second drive-thru lane, but the staff rose to the occasion.

“It was an adjustment for the employees to ask for the names of the guests and to make sure that each guest paid for the correct order, but the employees handled the changes very well,” said Wesley. “They also appreciate the more streamlined delivery with all customers parking in the same area. We were also very excited to replace our original menu board.

Culvers employee Tony Gustafson believes the new edition is better for customers and the restaurant as a whole. He’s thrilled that he can serve more guests with precision and speed.

“While that comes with its challenges, I think the traffic is much better and more consistent,” said Gustafson. “I hope our guests can come to Culver’s, get what they want quickly and efficiently, and enjoy their experience here. After all, we are a quick service QSR restaurant.

Wesley echoed Gustafson’s sentiment that she believes the new dive service will allow for a more convenient and faster service.

“We hope customers enjoy a faster, more streamlined ordering experience,” Wesley said. “We’re also happy to provide awnings on order confirmation panels to help protect people from the elements.”

Wesley has owned the Albertville Culvers since it opened in July 2021. She is grateful to her staff and guests who have supported the business since its opening.

“I wanted to open a Culver’s to support my family,” she said. “It was so much more rewarding than I could have imagined. Over the years we have been fortunate to have many fantastic team members and guests who feel like family. We are proud to serve and to be part of such a great community.

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