Safer and more efficient services will be delivered to New South Wales residents using artificial intelligence (AI), with a new world-class AI assurance framework coming into effect March 2022.

All NSW government agencies can apply the assurance framework to ensure that increasingly sophisticated AI systems are safe, efficient and delivering results for the state, improving the lives of residents of New South Wales and resilient communities and boosting the economy.

Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Government’s chief data scientist, said the framework would ensure government services using AI are aligned with state outcomes, easy to access and d use by customers, while being personalized and secure.

“AI creates a huge opportunity to improve government services. We are already testing the technology with eHealth NSW to help physicians identify sepsis earlier in patients attending emergency departments, ”said Dr Oppermann.

“Sepsis can be fatal, which is why it is essential that it be identified as soon as possible. But the visible symptoms can be minor and difficult to predict because they can be a complication of almost any infection.

“With AI, we were able to detect patterns in patients who developed sepsis in the past five years using medical data from the emergency departments of the Sydney West Local Health District and use these information to better detect the most at-risk patients.

“This allows our doctors and nurses to monitor these patients more closely and potentially save hundreds of lives per year. “

The framework identifies issues to consider when planning AI systems, ways to monitor the performance of AI systems, and recommendations for resolving issues identified when piloting AI systems.

Dr Oppermann said it would be vital for the government to continue to learn and grow as AI technology evolves and poses new challenges.

“The framework lays the foundation for the proper use of AI systems, which in turn means new ways of delivering government services in NSW,” said Dr Oppermann.

“AI can be used to stimulate the state’s economy by helping businesses grow and could solve some of the state’s most complex challenges, from supporting vulnerable residents to detecting fraud in the banking sector.

“The AI ​​assurance framework is designed to support government agencies at every stage when projects are delivered with AI technology. It provides clear guidance on the safe use of AI and puts protections in place to safely create and deliver smart digital solutions.

“With the framework, the government will be able to support more projects that provide essential services to everyone across NSW while managing the risks associated with the technology.”

The AI ​​assurance framework was the result of the AI ​​strategy, which also included the formation of the NSW National AI Advisory Committee, chaired by Dr. Ian Oppermann, a scientist in NSW government data chief, and comprised of AI experts from industry, academia and government. .

To date, the committee has been instrumental in guiding and overseeing the use of AI in the NSW government, including supporting the development of the New South Wales Assurance Framework. ‘IA.


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