The possibility of a new Starbucks in a Bucks town has raised concerns from local residents who have opposed the latest plans.

Starbucks has again submitted plans to introduce a drive-thru off Sir Henry Lee Crescent near the A41 in March 2021.

Dozens of people have now written to Buckinghamshire Council raising concerns about the plans.

Objections include concerns about increased traffic and anti-social opening hours near the housing estate.

The coffee chain’s new branch would be open seven days a week and list its proposed opening hours as 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day.

Emily Pitwell wrote: “The placement of this is poorly thought out and almost laughable.

“There is a way out of the domain, and by putting a drive inside you increase traffic in and out of the domain and it will cause nuisance to residents of the domain.

“You are offering the building right in front of the houses, with schedules that border on asocial.

“As a landlord, I have the right to enjoy my home quietly and this development request threatens that.”

Nina Hewitt-Jones wrote, “The area doesn’t need a big coffee chain when we have smaller independents in the area.

“The small development would also not benefit from this heavy traffic, noise pollution and general pollution.

“Bats roosting in trees next to Bicester Road would also be affected.”

Lou Blaylock wrote: “We are a housing estate not a business park.

“We already have two independent cafes within walking distance, I totally object to that.”

Ella Robertson wrote: “Exemplar Park is a wonderful place to live as it is a quiet, friendly estate – we don’t need a chain of cafes right at the entrance to our beautiful homes.

“I fear this will drive down the price of our homes, cause noise and disruption for most residents (being a small estate), traffic which will cause chaos (there is already too much traffic and with only one entering or exiting our homes, I think it’s ridiculous to make this problem worse).

“Until you’ve lived in Berryfields you won’t understand that the junction is constantly waiting for accidents to happen and is unsafe for the more central Aylesbury traffic.”

There have also been a number of letters of support for the bid.

Robyn Adams wrote: “I have no problem with that.

“Could provide more jobs in our community, snacks for drivers who commute for hours near a road still closed by accidents.

“Do I think it will affect other businesses? No, two different brands, two different types of consumers, two completely different styles of menu and access.”

A Design and Access Statement submitted with the application states: “The drive-thru proposed by Starbucks will be a complementary addition to Berryfield’s changing street scene and enhance the area by providing a local facility for the employment area.

“The proposed development will also generate a number of employment opportunities for the local population.

“The proposals will bring a number of economic and social benefits.”


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