Fidelity ADT reports that the diversion of motorists while queuing for orders at drive-thru establishments is of serious concern and motorists should be prepared to respond when it occurs.

Charnel Hattingh, Group Head of Marketing and Communications for Fidelity ADT, said: “We are increasingly starting to see a disturbing trend of criminals targeting unsuspecting customers at drive-thru establishments. Typically, when you get to the start of the queue, armed suspects from the vehicle in front of you get out and attempt to hijack your vehicle. There are usually two cars involved. The vehicle behind you crashes into your car when you try to reverse.

Fidelity ADT offers the following security tips:
• Keep your bag in the trunk – have your cash and card handy for quick payment.
• Use only well-trafficked drive-throughs and avoid dimly lit or secluded retail establishments at night.
• Try to order food only at peak times when attendance is highest.
• Keep all your doors and windows closed while waiting for your order.
• If possible, do not take children with you to the drive-thru, as they can be distracting.
• In the meantime, check your mirrors and don’t get distracted by music or cell phones.
• If you suspect you might be the victim of a hijacking, start repeatedly pressing your horn. Generally, hijackers don’t like this kind of attention.

• If you have a panic button on your tracking device, now is the time to activate it. Better to be safe than sorry.
• If your children are with you, the eldest should always be seated behind the driver and the youngest on the left, both in the back seat.
• If you are the victim of a carjacking while your children are in the car, slowly exit the vehicle and go to the back door directly behind the driver’s door. Place one foot firmly in the car on the floor behind the driver’s seat, as you lean over to pick up the youngest child. The eldest will likely cling to you, and you can get both children out of the car at the same time. Remember to stay as calm as possible.

“Remember that as the holiday season approaches, this type of opportunistic crime will unfortunately be on the increase. You must remain vigilant at all times and not take unnecessary risks,” Hattingh concluded.

Source: Cathy Findley PR


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