The Queens Drive restaurant was closed following a massive fire and is currently undergoing major repairs.

But after getting the building permit, the company added a separate “pod” to the parking lot so they could continue to operate take-out only.

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A banner was placed outside the “pod” to indicate that it is now open and on December 19 motorists were seen using it to purchase food.

Burger King’s new drive-thru

The restaurant has been closed since June 24, since a fire broke out while unconscious diners ate inside.

The flames grew so fierce that they passed through the top of the building and sent a thick plume of smoke over the city. The emergency services present had to close Queens Drive for reasons of public safety.

in August, the Adver learned that the fire had not been started on purpose.

A spokesperson for the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Our fire investigator carried out an initial inspection and confirmed the fire was accidentally caused, but further investigation into the exact cause will be determined by the insurance company. ”

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The “pod” can be used for 12 months, by which time it is hoped that the main building will have reopened.


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