FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – After months of isolation and time away from the things we love, people can’t wait to come together and celebrate Independence Day like never before.

AAA predicts that 48 million people will travel this weekend, 91% of whom will travel to their destinations despite high gas prices.

Mark Choe owns Pines Resort in Bass Lake and says July 4th is usually their busiest time, but he expects even bigger crowds this year due to the long weekend and the recent California reopening. .

“It’s just the busiest it has ever been, the number of people who are actually in the complex, go to the restaurant, stay, all around,” he said.

Despite the expected influx of visitors, Choe says the Pines Resort, like many vacation destinations, is forced to do more with less.

“Certainly we are feeling the labor shortage,” he said.

He says the popular lakefront property is operating at 70% of its typical summer workforce. A post on the station’s Facebook page promotes several vacancies while asking visitors to be patient and understanding.

“People are working overtime and they’re exhausted, but that’s how it is,” he said. “We have good managers and everyone understands that this is the critical time, so let’s do what we can.”

If you’re planning to hit the road to celebrate the long weekend, the California Highway Patrol urges patience and reminds everyone to be responsible behind the wheel.

“We’re going to have as many officers as possible during this peak runtime, which runs from 6pm Friday to midnight Monday,” Officer Mike Salas said. “So we have quite a few days this holiday weekend, so you’ll see a lot more officers there. We’re looking for the ones who are causing the most problems there.”

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Drive safely or pay the bill for poor driving behavior


REMINDER: Drive safely this 4th of July weekend

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