Cam: Couple – Review

The first time I watched Cam: Couple on TV, I was blown away. Although the movie seemed to be taking place in a mansion like setting and somehow relating to my very own recent divorce, it still gave me the same feeling that many divorced couples feel while they are watching television and movies. Some would describe it as a “fright” or a “freak-out” feeling.

I am in a new relationship, but?

I am in a new relationship, but?

I am in a new relationship, but I know what it is like to be in one for years and how it can affect you. Watching the movie was especially interesting because at first I didn’t think that it was possible that a movie could get me so worked up but then I started to see some things that I could relate to.


Cam: Couple was rated R, but I knew that I had to take it anyway because of its shocking ending. My husband’s girlfriend cheated on him when he was out with his friends and even though I was overjoyed that he came home safe, I wasn’t exactly happy about it.


Of course, having grown up with the television shows that I mentioned earlier, I always knew that the person who got hurt was going to get hurt, but this time it felt different because it actually happened. When the character stated that she knew what she was doing was wrong, I almost burst into tears. At that moment, it was obvious that I had been in that situation before and I had to watch.

I also learned that?


I also learned that after watching Cam: Couple, that I was not alone. As the movie ended, I was shocked to learn that it had been shown over a million times. It is so amazing to me that something as basic as a cheating wife with her lover getting caught can get you so worked up that you start to lose your ability to control yourself.


He seemed sweet, but then again I had met my husband several years before, and our interactions were not sweet at all. I only knew him for a few months before my divorce and he really wasn’t much better. So my reaction to the Cam: Couple movie was quite different than most others’ reactions.


Still, after watching the movie, I really understood what my husband was going through. I realized that we had been doing the same thing and I knew I had to do something to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again.


After my divorce, I really realized that it would be a good idea to get a clean slate so that I would be able to make the right decisions. I also knew that I wanted to find a way to make sure that I could be happy.


Although my new relationship was a bit rocky at first, it has turned out wonderfully. We have not only made it through the difficult times, but we have also made it through the many great times.


Although we did not know each other for very long, we knew that we had something special and we kept our relationship very open. The relationships that we once shared, have changed but it did not change the bond that we have. We are not afraid to admit to the fact that we are in love with each other and we don’t want to end the relationship.

The movie Cam: Couple?

The movie Cam: Couple?

The movie Cam: Couple is not just about how two people meet and fall in love. Rather, it is also about the steps that people should take before they should commit themselves to one another. By reading this book, I was able to pick up some valuable information that I now use on a daily basis.


I was able to stop the negative thoughts and make sure that I was making the right decisions. Instead of keeping quiet about the feelings that I have, I decided to share them with the person that I love. Although we had already been through many things before the movie, I can guarantee that it helped us get through them more quickly and easily.