Most of us have had the heartbreaking and heartbreaking experience of being in a car accident. There is nothing quite like that feeling of realizing that you are about to hit another vehicle on the road.

Sometimes it feels like this “other vehicle” came out of nowhere. And even in the luckiest scenarios where no one gets hurt, it’s still a revealing, paradigm-shifting incident.

Usually when we are faced with inclement weather many of us will take a little more care to leave earlier or drive a little more carefully than usual in order to get to where we are going safely.

Scott Rodgerson, Unsplash

I guess that’s why when I saw this crash this morning on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler, it reminded me of something we should all keep in mind – at all times.

Even on an incredibly beautiful day like this, we still have to ‘drive like we know each other’. We need to remember to be aware of the drivers around us, to be a “defensive” driver and to do our best to limit distracted driving.

The first thing that comes to your mind? Our daddy’s phones. Now, I have no idea what caused the wreck this morning. And I would never have taken a photo or two if it looked like someone had been hurt. Whatever happens, we’re just so very grateful that only the vehicles appear to have been damaged.

But please, and I’m also thinking this to myself: please be careful when driving. It is so easy to take a safe trip for granted. But it only takes a few seconds to find ourselves in a car crash, even on a beautiful day like this.

Put the tech away, focus on the road, and more so as we start to see an increase in traffic as the holiday shopping season approaches – let’s drive like we know each other.

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