Yesour preferred local insurance agent is ready to help you take control of your auto insurance rates. Melanie Bakala, owner of the Melanie Bakala State Farm Insurance offices in Lacey and Shelton, is happy to help you maximize the discounts on your auto insurance rates with the help of State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program.

State Farm provides you with everything you need to set up the Drive Safe & Save program right in your car. Photo courtesy of Melanie Bakala State Farm

Simply install the beacon provided by State Farm in your car and download the State Farm app to your smartphone. The beacon communicates with the app on your phone via Bluetooth, which then communicates with State Farm about your driving habits.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t tell State Farm if you are going over the five-mile-per-hour speed limit, but it will take note of the excessive speed. It also tracks your acceleration and how fast you take turns, as well as how many miles you’ve driven. This information allows State Farm to reward you with discounts for safe driving and adjust your policy price if you don’t drive as many miles as you thought when you signed up. “The future of auto insurance will depend on your habits and how often you drive,” says Melanie.

She herself is enrolled in the program and has seen a 10 to 15% discount on the price of her policy. Registered participants are entitled to up to 30% off the cost of their policy.

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save app gives you a score for each trip to help you improve your driving and maximize your fare discounts. Photo courtesy of Melanie Bakala State Farm

With traditional auto insurance policies, the rates are based on other people your age and where you live. Fares may change based on the driving habits of other people in your class. If you are frustrated with seeing prices go up due to the actions of others, and you own a smartphone, Drive Safe & Save might be a great option for you. “It’s a great way to really control your auto insurance rates,” says Melanie.

The app gives you a rating after each ride. This program is incredibly popular with parents of young drivers because it allows them to track the habits of their new drivers.

To get a quote and sign up for State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program, call one of Melanie Bakala’s two State Farm offices. Residents of Thurston County can call Lacey’s office at 360-972-7905 or request a quote on their website. Residents of Mason County can call Shelton’s office at 360-426-2428 or request a quote on their website.


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