Boston, MA, October 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The two biggest expenses when it comes to owning a car are gasoline and car insurance. GasBuddy, the travel and navigation app used by more North American drivers to save money on gasoline, has found a way to lower the cost of both with the launch of the new and improved Drives Powered by feature. Root in the GasBuddy app.

According to the US Department of Energy, aggressive driving like speeding, accelerating and braking quickly is the fastest way to waste gasoline and can reduce gas mileage by up to 33%.1. But a motorist cannot correct his aggressive driving habits if he is not aware that he is committing them in the first place. In fact, studies have shown that 76 percent of people think they are great drivers when in fact they are not.2.

The improved functionality of GasBuddy aims to address this oversight. Those who opt for Drives Powered by Root will know how much fuel they use with a rating of bad, good, or excellent. Drivers will also see a “savings score” between 0 and 100, which reflects safe driving habits on the road, such as gentle braking, smooth turns and focused driving.

Additionally, through a partnership with Root Insurance, the country’s first fully mobile-powered licensed insurance company, drivers could receive dramatically reduced auto insurance quotes based primarily on their individual driving behavior behind the wheel, a trend growing in the auto insurance industry.3. By using driving behavior, Root provides a fairer insurance experience.

“Fuel savings don’t just happen at the gas station, they start at the wheel. We want to help drivers understand the important role their driving habits have on their gas tanks, ”said Sarah McCrary, CEO of GasBuddy. “Root shares a mission similar to that of GasBuddy: to help motorists save money. Through this partnership, we can also offer our community savings on auto insurance, an expensive aspect of car ownership. ”

The new Drives Powered by Root feature extends GasBuddy’s popular payment program, Pay with GasBuddy®. During the initial launch phase, GasBuddy will experiment by providing those who opt for the feature with $ 1 free gasoline, plus an additional $ 0.02 per gallon on every gallon of gasoline. The updated functionality is available for download on iOS and Android.

About GasBuddy
For the budget-conscious driver, GasBuddy is the travel and navigation app that is used by more North American drivers to save money on gasoline than any other. Unlike fuel retailer apps, as well as new fuel-saving apps, GasBuddy covers more than 150,000 service stations across North America, offering drivers 27 ways to save fuel. That’s why GasBuddy has been downloaded almost 90mm of times – more than any other fuel-saving travel and navigation app. GasBuddy’s publishing and software operations enable the world’s leading fuel, convenience, QSR and CPG companies to shorten the distance between the North American refueling public and their brands. For more information, visit

* Based on savings reported by actual customers who purchased a new Root policy between October 2019 and July 2020 and saved; changes in unassessed levels of coverage. The potential savings will vary. Fuel discount incentives will be rolled out in segments throughout November.

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