We’ve lost too many people on the roads this year, so Drive carefully this summer.

  1. Stop for any emergency vehicle. (It could be your family or a friend they are trying to help!)
  2. Do not drink and drive
  3. Always use your turn signal
  4. Stay in the left lane unless you are overtaking. (Did you know that the RIGHT LANE is the PASSAGE LANE?)
  5. Do not block “speeders”. It’s not your job and you don’t know if they have a medical emergency and are on their way to the hospital
  6. Make sure your lights are in good working order, are clean, and adjusted correctly to give you the most visibility without blinding oncoming traffic.
  7. Do not use “high bream” when cars and pedestrians are nearby. Your road is brighter, but you blind others
  8. Don’t speed up
  9. Put your phone away when driving; Distracted driving is dangerous driving
  10. Don’t eat or drive (this can be as distracting as drunk driving)
  11. Do not wear makeup while traveling
  12. Use the roundabout safely – know your lane, give way, use your signal, be careful and share the road
  13. Bicycles and electric scooters are among the alternative modes of transport. Be aware of them. If you are riding, be aware that you are harder to see.
  14. Keep your distance – tailgating is dangerous
  15. Make sure your tires have the correct pressure
  16. Slow down in the rain as the roads can get extremely slippery
  17. Slow down when passing construction and landscaping crews
  18. Center turn lanes are not intended for overtaking
  19. Be courteous to other drivers and lead by example
  20. Do not take certain medications and drive
  21. Don’t get high and drive

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