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Never drive under the influence of alcohol and make sure of that with this approved digital breathalyzer.

Christmas is, among other things, the organization of lunches and dinners with friends, family and colleagues. Especially this year considering the situation of 2020. In these celebrations there is a tendency to drink alcohol and what can never happen is drinking and driving.

Please never drive if you have been drinking alcohol, for your life and the lives of others and also for the fines they may impose on you. To make sure, This digital breathalyzer can indicate your alcohol level and thus avoid problems. It will only cost you 19.99 euros.

JTENG Approved Digital Breathalyzer on Amazon

The worst thing you can do after a heavy lunch or dinner where you’ve been drinking alcohol is to get in the car. As safe as you think you can drive, the influence of alcohol is more than proven to reduce your reaction time.

Don’t put anyone in danger this Christmas. At Christmas 2020, 57 people died on Spanish roads according to DGT data. Having a breathalyzer like this in your car’s glove box will assure you

According to the DGT, it is 8 more deaths than in 2019 And it has been a year with quite a few movement restrictions due to COVID-19.

DGT has shared a series of tips that help drivers learn to drive more safely and avoid the most common accidents.

And if you don’t do it to save lives this Christmas, do it to save money with fines. As noted in Autobild, driving under the influence of alcohol can be very expensive.

From 0.25 to 0.50 mlg / l this can cost you a fine of 500 euros and the loss of 4 driving license points. If it goes from 0.50 to 0.60 mlg / l, the fine doubles to 1,000 euros and the loss of 6 points. If it exceeds 0.60 mlg / l it is considered an offense.

If you are also a repeat offender, it will cost you another 1,000 euros more and 4 to 6 additional card points.

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