Following the loss of its Executive Director in December, Drive Smart Colorado joined the Pikes Peak Region Council of Governments in a move that will keep it operating and foster greater collaboration between the two organizations to create an environment safer driving locally.

The pandemic has made it difficult to secure funds for Drive Smart, which is funded by grants, as well as finding a replacement for its former executive director Maile Gray, who retired last year after 27 years with the association. , said founder John Henry.

The change in status still allows Drive Smart, which strives to reduce the number of traffic accidents through community partnerships and education, to continue to operate as its own non-profit organization under the responsibility of the Council of Governments of the Pikes Peak region, said Andy Gunning, the council executive. director.

The Pikes Peak Region Council of Governments will now help identify funding for Drive Smart programs, including teaching parents how to properly install car seats, promoting the safety of older drivers and motorcycles, and keeping them safe. coordinating with local law enforcement to lead its High School Traffic Safety Challenge. .

“It gives us good additional flexibility in terms of funding,” said Henry.

Traffic accidents are on the increase statewide, showing the need for continued road safety education programs in the area, Gunning said. Additionally, Drive Smart’s efforts align well with existing Pikes Peak Region Council of Governments programs, including a focus on regional transportation safety, mobility and efficiency; road engineering and maintenance; and its focus on older populations, said Gunning and Henry.

“Working with Drive Smart in this capacity only enhances the work we were already doing and allows us to expand our reach to address important issues affecting the residents and jurisdictions we serve,” said Jessica McMullen, spokesperson. word of the Council of Governments of the Pikes Peak region.

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