THUNDER BAY – NEWS – Many friends and family will be missed by their loved ones at their Thanksgiving long weekend gatherings this year, with the death toll on the roads patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) reaching 268 towards October.

The deaths mark a 24 percent increase compared to the same period last year. The majority of deaths were not “accidents” and were the result of motorists consciously making poor decisions behind the wheel and not taking seriously their enormous responsibility to drive and share the road safely.

So far this year, bad decisions and a disregard for the safety of other road users have been linked to 69 speed-related fatalities, 57 inattention-related deaths, 40alcohol/drug-related deaths and 40 deaths related to failure to wear seat belts.

Over the long weekend, the Ontario Provincial Police will join police services across the country to Impact of the operation. This annual national road safety campaign is among the most robust police enforcement and education initiatives to target drug and alcohol impaired, aggressive and inattentive/distracted drivers, as well as than occupants of vehicles who do not buckle up or properly restrain toddlers and children.

In keeping with the theme of this year’s campaign, officers are counting on all drivers to “do their best in curbing bad driving behavior.

The OPP and its policing partners are committed to doing everything in their power to keep motorists safe during one of the busiest traffic weekends of the year. If every road user makes the same commitment every day of the year, Canadians could unequivocally reduce the tragic loss of life on our country’s roads.


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