Drive Safe Weld County, a program created to reduce vehicle-related injuries and deaths among teenage drivers, announced it had received a $ 10,000 grant from State Farm Insurance Company to help local young drivers adopt safe driving habits.

The program won State Farm’s Good Neighbor Citizenship Award.

Weld County has among the highest motor vehicle injuries and deaths in Colorado, according to a press release from the county health department.

Local program officials are visiting county high schools to teach teens about the dangers of reckless driving with presentations from first responders, law enforcement and truck drivers featuring graphical data on traffic accidents.

Drive Smart will use the money for student-led safety programs, where students create safe driving activities and programs throughout the school year. The award will also fund courses for parents of teenage drivers to educate parents and young drivers about licensing laws, insurance requirements and discounts.

Over the past 23 years, Drive Smart has received more than $ 170,000 in grants from State Farm for safe driving programs.

For more information on Drive Smart Weld County, visit www.drivesmartweldcounty.org or call (970) 400-2325.



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