FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – As northeast Indiana continues to see patchy rains and storms this weekend, AAA and INDOT want to share safety tips for driving on wet roads.

“It’s hard to quantify exactly, you know the percentage of risk increased, but there is certainly a greater danger [driving in the rain]”said Nicholas Jarmusz, director of public affairs for the AAA.” There is a greater risk of losing control of the vehicle as well as a decrease in your stopping ability. “

To avoid these dangers, Jarmusz offered the following tips:

DO: Slow down and drive below the posted speed limit.

This is how you can maintain safe traction. You should also avoid slamming the brakes and making sharp turns.

DON’T: Take the risk of driving in water accumulated on the road.

Not only is this dangerous for drivers, it can damage your vehicle as well.

DO: Create extra distance between you and the car in front of you.

“So that way if you have to stop you have more distance in case you are afraid of hitting the cars in front of you,” Jarmusz said.

DON’T: Use cruise control.

You shouldn’t rely on automatic braking, either, according to AAA.

DO: Clean your windshield wipers

“It can be as simple as grabbing a paper towel and just wiping your wiper to remove any accumulated grease or dirt,” Jarmusz said. “It will help them perform better. ”

DO: stop if it’s too hard to see

Jarmusz said if you have your wipers on full speed and you still can’t see the car in front of you, you should pull over.

WANE 15 also met with a spokesperson for INDOT, who said drivers should avoid driving on downed power lines and flooded roads.

“The phrase is ‘turn around, don’t drown,’ said Hunter Petroviak, public relations director of INDOT. “They really want to be smart there and potentially find an alternate route.”

Petroviak said all drivers who encounter hazards should submit a complaint online or call the INDOT hotline at (855) 463-6848.


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