With DriveSmart, you can analyze how you drive comfortably and safely to improve your driving skills, save money and show that you are a good driver. With driver’s certificate included, free.


DriveSmart is the app that helps you improve your daily life as a driver. Record all your movements to analyze yourself; you will know what you need to improve (how you brake, accelerate, turn, react to signals, if you are going at the right speed …), where you leave your car …

-> How does it work?
Download the app, record and save your trips to analyze your driving.

Too easy:
1. Record your trips. Automatically (by selecting Automatic hands-free or motion start) or manually (by pressing the Start and End buttons).
2. Analyze your driving style: at the end of each trip, you will see all the details (not only the distance and duration of the trip, but also any incidents detected in speed, acceleration, braking, turns and your reaction to lights. traffic, in addition to your efficiency score). And that’s not all: we’ll give you personalized advice and tips to improve your driving.
3. Do you see an incident that is unfair, inaccurate or wrong? Enter the details of the incident and click on “I do not agree”. The tech team will analyze it, and if it’s not right, they’ll invalidate it so that it doesn’t affect your score.

-> Your certificate of good driver, free
Over 280,000 drivers already have their DriveSmart certificate. Do you know how to get it? Record a minimum of 10 valid trips and travel at least 100 km in total.
Where will you find it? In your profile, to the right of your photo. Click on the stamp and share it on your social networks, by mail, Whatsapp … or wherever you want! Whenever you need it, you will have it.

-> Companies, CSR and employees united for health and safety
If your company is concerned about the health and safety of its employees, create a personalized challenge to motivate your team by rewarding the best drivers. Want to do it and don’t know how? Write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of everything.

Do you have questions, do you need help, or do you want to ask us something? Write U.S :
-> Within the application, via “Support”, in the right menu.
-> By mail to [email protected]

Still don’t drive with DriveSmart?



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