Jared Correia

By Jared Correia, IndyBar Law Practice Management Consultant, Red Cave Legal Consulting

Although I advocate the use of cloud software by law firms, lawyers can sometimes develop an overreliance on these tools.

Take, for example, storing documents in the cloud. If you’re a law firm and have recently moved to a paperless office, adding your document files to a cloud drive system (like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox) might seem like the answer. all your problems. It’s definitely a big step in the right direction, but remember that a cloud drive doesn’t back up data.

Storing your files online does not create a data backup. If you think of a data backup as redundancy (another place where your information is stored), exclusively using a cloud drive for document storage doesn’t address that. You should always back up your cloud drive data somewhere else. And it’s not about Google, Microsoft, or Amazon’s server architecture collapsing – if that happens, we’re all in real trouble – it’s more about creating an alternate path to your data. What if you need a particular file when your document servers are offline for maintenance? What if there’s an extended power outage and you can’t access your files on the web?

Ideally, you would add multiple backups for your data: a cloud backup pointed to your cloud storage system (look at Carbonite, Backblaze, CrashPlan) as well as a hard drive that you can access offline and update regularly (ioSafe has excellent hard drives).

Backup these days isn’t just about recovering what you’ve lost; it’s also about having different channels to access your customer data depending on the situation.•

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