Prevent violence in a new homeless camp

The finishing touches are made to Madison’s new homeless camp on Dairy Drive.

Brenda Konkel, Executive Director of MACH ONEhealth, said: “I think it’s going to be a huge transformation in the people who are going to live here.

Joint Council Chairman Alder Syed Abbas said: “It’s a small, confined place. It’s not like a Reindahl park. It only has 30 people and there are certain criteria, criteria for selection. “

As winter approaches, homeless people living in Reindahl Park will be encouraged to seek other shelters such as the new cottages.

Konkel said: “For people who have lived in a tent or slept outside, this is going to be a huge improvement. There are heaters in there. There are refrigerators in there, they can take a shower. , these things will immediately improve the quality of life and we are doing it just in time for the time ahead. “

However, safety is a big concern, in July a man was stabbed in the neck in Reindahl Park and on Wednesday someone was shot dead.

Organizers say they hope these types of violent incidents do not recur from Reindahl Park to this new encampment.

“People who will be moving here are very anxious to have a lock on their door and not worry about someone, you know, stealing their things or hurting them,” Konkel said.

Residents of Reindahl Park told 27 News they can’t wait to step away from the violence and move to Dairy Drive.

“We had an open house, and it was a really good, positive experience for those who came. So everyone who saw it seemed to be quite interested in coming here,” Konkel said.

Wellness services for things like mental health and drugs should play an important role in the safety of Dairy Drive.

Abbas said, “The whole model is really about overseeing addiction and mental health training, because a lot of these people have mental health issues. Some may have addictions or other problems. So we really try to put them in touch with relevant services. Our hope, will that reduce some of these concerns with the heads of the neighbors. “

Organizers say the site will be staffed and also have three social workers to help residents get mental health and addiction counseling.



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