Chicken giant KFC has won its fight to open a drive-thru near two schools.

Stafford Borough Council has rejected plans for a restaurant in Beacon Business Park, Stafford, after concerns were raised about its location opposite West Road Academy and a few yards from Veritas Primary Academy .

Ward Councilor Frances Beatty called in the request because the branch would be “in clear view of the classroom windows.”

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The town planners refused the authorization arguing that the benefits of a drive-thru did not justify the loss of employment sites.

But an appeal has been filed against the ruling which has now been granted, meaning the new KFC can move forward.

It will be built just three kilometers from the KFC branch of Hough Retail Park.

Councilor Ann Edgeller criticized the inspector’s decision.

She said, “It’s right in front of a school. I’m really afraid the inspector has let this go as we try to protect our children and take care of them.

“It goes against everything we do when it comes to childhood health and obesity. I think this is totally unacceptable and we should complain.

“Where does health come in there? I just can’t figure it out. It is so bad.

Councilor Jack Kemp said: “The kids are across the road and it’s a very dangerous place to cross now – that’s what worries me. “

KFC at Hough Retail Park in Stafford

The new KFC is expected to create 40 to 50 jobs in the region.

The town planning inspector’s decision notice stated: “The appeal site is right in front of a high school. However, it is clear that there is no specific national policy automatically preventing the use of hot food near schools.

“On the contrary, we can oppose it” where it is justified “and” where the evidence shows it “. In this case, I have no specific evidence advanced to show why the use should be denied on this ground, and there is no political basis in the development plan.

“There is no specific evidence to show that protection and anti-social behavior will cause an unacceptable problem here. Development’s contribution to site traffic is likely to be minimal, and I am aware that a small supermarket and other hot food outlets are on the same side of the road as the proposal.

“Therefore, I am not convinced that the effect on road safety would be worse than it is now.”

The letter added: “The applicants opted against an inner city development as the inner city is simply not an option due to its proximity to the KFC at The Hough Retail Park and KFC rarely operates in the malls. cities other than food courts or in cities. with much larger populations like Derby and Nottingham. Applicants believe there is growth in Stafford and that larger facilities here will prevent unnecessary travel within the city. “

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