With the temperature dropping, drivers still wearing their all-season tires are ready for a slippery ride.

“Even if there’s no snow, cold weather means your all-season tires don’t grip as well,” says Chad Theres, director of Super Steve’s Tire and Mechanical at Aldergrove.

So I need winter tires, even if there is no snow?

When the temperature drops to 7 ° C or less, the rubber on summer or all-season tires becomes harder and they do not grip the road as well. This means that even when there is no snow, regular wet roads will become more slippery for all-season vehicles, Theres explains.

Winter tires have specially formulated rubber that stays softer in colder weather, in addition to specially designed tread patterns for ice, snow and other harsh winter conditions.

What should I look for in a winter tire?

Regardless of current weather conditions, some roads in British Columbia require approved tires between October 1 and March 31. On these marked roads, two types of tires are acceptable: the three-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol or the M + S (mud and snow) symbol, with a tread of at least 3.5mm as the tires. ‘winter.

However, real winter tires – those displaying the mountain and snowflake symbol – provide the best traction for snow, ice and cold, Theres notes.

“Our weather in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley is unpredictable and can go from driving rain to ice to snow in a very short period of time. A winter tire is by far your best bet for safer winter driving, ”he says.

What else do I need to know about winter driving?

For traction and handling, it is important to have four identical tires with a minimum tread depth of around four millimeters and inflated to the correct air pressure for your vehicle. Find your vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended inflation level in the owner’s manual, on the driver’s door, or inside the glove box. Since the tire pressure decreases as the temperature drops, check the pressure at least once a month when the tires are cold.

“The other benefit of switching to winter tires for half the year is that it extends the life of your all seasons,” notes Therres. Better yet, for those looking for winter tires, we’re offering a $ 100 mail-in rebate for a set of four select Goodyear tires, available until December 31st.


Super Steve’s Tire and Mechanical is a family owned auto shop in Aldergrove that provides full mechanical services in addition to tire sales including flat repairs and free lifetime spins with four tires purchased.

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