Proposed plans for a 24 hour drive-thru KFC at Lymm Services on the M6 ​​and M56 were scrapped.

The new restaurant would have resulted in the loss of 36 parking spaces, which Cheshire advice would make the lorry stop unsafe.

Warrington Borough Council’s Department of Environment and Transport and Lymm Parish Council both recommended that planning permission be refused.

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They expressed concern that the loss of parking spaces would increase parking demand, which would compromise the proper functioning of the service stop.

Queuing motorists for the drive-thru and maneuvering vehicles at the main access to the car park would also cause “conflicts and interference” with cars seeking to park normally.

The application was submitted by Moto Hospitality in July 2021, but withdrawn on February 23, 2022.

He said three parking spaces, a disabled parking space and a “grill bay” would be built on site.

This, however, would still be insufficient for service termination.

The documents stated: ‘The proposed development would result in a loss of existing parking facilities and an increase in demand for parking, which could impact the safe and efficient operation of the truck stop’s existing parking facility .

“The proposed development does not incorporate adequate facilities for the maintenance of the proposed unit and would result in inappropriate maneuvering of vehicles at the main car park access serving the truck stop.

“This would cause conflicts and interference with the passage of vehicles through the main access to the car park to the detriment of safe and efficient circulation.

“The development project would lead to the creation of a car access point in the immediate vicinity of the main access to the car park serving the truck stop.

Vehicle movements associated with the use of the new drive-thru access point, including queuing, would cause conflicts and interference with the passage of vehicles through the main car park access to the detriment of travel safe and effective.

Council also raised concerns about the safe circulation of pedestrians around the service stop.

Lymm Parish Council also submitted its strong objections to the bid.

They made it clear that the area is a green belt and reduced parking spaces would be an issue at peak times.

The council addressed the potential for increased litter by suggesting “sufficient provision of bins and litter collection in and around services, as well as support for local voluntary litter collection initiatives”.

A resident of a farm in High Legh, just half a mile from Lymm Services, objected to the proposals on the grounds that there are already other drive-through services at the truck stop and agreed that a ” large amount of waste” had already been thrown away. on embankments and hedges.


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