“Seat belt, I knew a seat belt could cut you, but I didn’t know how bad it could be in an accident,” Brown said. “And that you could adjust it.”

Magna Vista sophomore Markyta Becker said: “So far we’ve learned different parts of the car, whether we’re stuck in the world or whatever. It helps us remember it better.

Some of the students at the event already had their learner’s licenses, but others did not, and they said learning by doing can help them when it comes time to take their driving exams.

“They’re going to remember more than just sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher,” said Jeffrey Medley, sophomore at Magna Vista.

The event was organized in part with a grant from the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia. Eastman Performance Films sent over a dozen volunteers, and representatives from the Virginia State Police Department to Virginia Beach, YOVASO, Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, Carilion Health, County Public Health Department Henry’s and Henry County Sheriff’s Office were on hand to help with the event.

“It shows you the level of engagement of these officials,” Brooking said. “People who want to make changes in the community and who work to serve the public. It’s just amazing.

Drive Safe Virginia and WhosYourDriver.com have sponsored spring races at Martinsville Speedway, and Brooking said it’s obvious track officials want to make safety outside their walls as important a priority as safety. inside of them.


TxDOT launches "Be Safe. Drive smart. campaign


TxDOT launches 'Be Safe. Drive smart.'

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