MCDONALDS on a Slough main road to have its drive-thru reconfiguration is just one of many planning decisions or requests submitted to Slough Borough Council or the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

To view more details for each request, go to the respective council planning portal with the reference number attached.

Reconfigure McDonalds drive-thru at 198 Windsor Road, Slough (P / 00146/040).

Planning officers gave the fast food restaurant the go-ahead to add another lane to its drive-thru and erect another customer order display.

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It is said to make the ordering process faster during peak hours and reduce congestion during peak periods.

In the planning statement, it is written: “The operation itself is strictly controlled and allows cars to order meals and then approach the collection point ‘out of sequence’ while getting the correct order. ”

Other changes include replacement drive-thru cabs, new trash stores, and a new drive-thru digital signage suite to replace existing signs.

McDonalds drive-thru at 198 Windsor Road, Slough (P / 00146/040).

Office building to be converted into housing at 88a High Street, Eton, Windsor (21/01727 / SOLD OUT).

The 1980s Presentation Building will be given a “new lease of life” and converted to a one bedroom property after planning officials give full clearance.

The plan is to completely renovate the interior of the property, including new services and finished plaster. The work will include new replacement wood exterior doors.

The interior walls will also be modified to provide housing. A new entrance to the east elevation of 88a High Street will be added.

Only one parking space is available.

Demolition of an old air raid shelter on land behind Ballards House and Durnford House, Eton College, Slough Road, Eton, Windsor (21/02613 / LBC).

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Work has been carried out to enlarge the parking lot of the two buildings with six spaces and to allow secure access for contractors.

However, they discovered an existing concrete air raid shelter which was not identified on the survey plans due to the “semi-subterranean nature” of the shelter and the large number of overgrown shrubs. vegetation.

A new building permit has been granted to the developers to demolish the air raid shelter.

In a planning statement, it is written: “There are a number of concrete air raid shelters around Eton College and this structure is not considered a significant heritage asset. In order to complete the agreed work, we are requesting the demolition of the air raid shelter. The proposed gentle landscaping will replace the area of ​​the demolished structure.


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