Safety is the top priority for the Mississippi Department of Transportation. To help drivers take action and reduce the number of fatal crashes in the state, the MDOT offers free travel resources.

Videos offering safe driving tips, such as navigating safely in work areas and intersections, are available at GoMDOT.com/DriveSmartMS.

“MDOT’s travel resources are aimed at increasing the awareness and safety of the traveling public. As MDOT strives to improve safety on state highways on a daily basis, drivers can take safety into their own hands by following simple safety tips, ”said MDOT Executive Director Brad White. “One of the most important safety measures drivers can take is just to be careful and not to make phone calls, especially in work areas where road conditions can change quickly. “

Drivers should also wear seat belts, keep a safe distance between other vehicles, obey posted speed limits, be patient, use a designated driver when needed, and watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.

“Football season is here and the holidays are just around the corner, which means citizens across the state will be traveling more,” White said. “Please make safety a priority and take advantage of these free travel resources (which) will help Mississippians drive smarter and better prepared so that everyone returns home at the end of the day.” “



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