April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state’s new awareness campaign has been on hold until now.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn – Memorial Day to Labor Day is considered the 100 deadliest days on Minnesota roads.

“We have to remember that the roads are only going to get busier as restrictions start to ease and people get back to their routines,” said Mike Hanson, Minnesota’s director of highway safety.

Director Hanson tells us that more drivers are behind the wheel during the summer months, and unfortunately that means more fatalities.

This latest Memorial Day was the deadliest on Minnesota roads since 2010.

“As a result of six crashes there have been eight fatalities and it’s just tragic,” said manager Hanson who tells us that speed is one of the biggest contributors to crashes throughout the world. Condition, and that distracted driving is still a significant part of the problem.

“It really takes all of us to make a good, conscious decision to drive smart, this is our underlying new global campaign for ‘Drive Smart’ Minnesota,” said Hanson.

The state’s Drive Smart campaign literally says it all in its name. When driving, focus only on that and no other distractions around you.

We are approaching the first anniversary of our creation of a hands-free state, said Director Hanson, which is not surprising, which is not surprising, but I hope this behavior will change over time with more. application and education.

“That’s exactly what this hands-free law is designed to help people do … is to educate and encourage them to make these good decisions,” said Director Hanson.

The States Drive Smart campaign runs through June 14.

Just a reminder for those still texting while driving – the first ticket costs over $ 120 and if you get another one afterwards, it costs $ 300.

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