HIGH EARTH, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s the first day of October, and that means it’s officially scary season. Wabash Valley Exhibition Center scares you! The organizers say you can expect to see ghosts and goblins if you go to the ‘drive-thru fear’ .. tonight!

This is the 2nd annual road scaring event. it all started at the height of the pandemic. just as a way to keep everyone safe.
while celebrating Halloween. Cathy Beemer says the guests staying in the car make it safer for everyone.

“No one will touch you, and no one will touch your vehicle. We will ride up to your vehicle so you can see our scary faces, but we will not actually touch you.”

Beemer explains some of the characters you can expect to see as you drive through the event.

“Ghouls, goblins, vampires, pirates, clowns and babies, you name it. We hope to have a lot of things you expect from Halloween.

Beemer adds that last year they only used half the warehouse, but now people can drive through the whole building, which scares them around every corner.

“We had about 300 people at the drive-thru last year, 300 cars and a lot of people who took advantage of multiple runs.”

Their goal is to pass 400 cars this year. She says Halloween is a time for families to come together.

“Halloween is a lot of fun and it’s an opportunity for people to come together, it’s almost like a traditional family reunion.”

The fear of the drive goes from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight, tomorrow night, October 8 and 9. $ 23 per car.


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