At its March 23 meeting, the Patton Township Board of Supervisors received a recommendation from its engineering, planning and zoning department to conditionally approve a land use plan renovating the Chick-fil- A on North Atherton Street.

The Chick-fil-A, located at 1938 North Atherton Street in the General Commercial Zoning District, proposed to remodel its building by expanding its kitchen and drive-thru area – with the specific goal of creating two service lanes at the steering wheel and to add awnings on said tracks.

Alexandra Castrechini, director of engineering, planning and zoning and township engineer, said Chick-fil-A and the township have been working on the project for about a year.

“Since the pandemic and the closure of the Chick-fil-A dining hall, there have been noted drive-thru backups on North Atherton Street which were causing a great deal of congestion and safety concerns for the township,” a said Castrechini. “Chick-fil-A recognized this issue and they have this dual drive-thru setup in many other places, so they wanted to implement it here to address this issue.”

According to Castrechini, construction is expected to begin this summer, and the developers “hope” to finish in August before Penn State students return for the fall semester.

Additions to the Chick-fil-A include creating two drive-thru lanes throughout the site until the lanes merge into one for cars to exit, and adding awnings over the lanes to facilitate the exit of employees to take orders.

According to Castrechini, the last major addition to the plan is to expand the kitchen in the building to better facilitate the new process.

Stormwater analysis and updates are included in the land use plan.

Castrechini said Chick-fil-A had to remove some of its parking lot, but it’s still above the minimum required by the township.

Conditions for approval of the plan included completion and consideration of comments from staff and the Center County Conservation District on the plan.

Castrechini said she “hopes” traffic congestion will decrease with the revamped site.

“Hopefully we don’t see any more lineups of cars on North Atherton Street because…we saw backups all the way to Colonnade Way,” Castrechini said. “There have been conflicts with people trying to leave the site [and] enter the site, so I hope that with this new configuration, we will see less conflict points and better traffic on the site.


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