Those behind the scheme said it represented a £3million investment in the site, creating between 30 and 40 jobs and there was already interest in the units.

CGI image of proposed new development in South Shields, including Starbucks business units and drive-thru.

The planning application for the site was submitted with a series of supporting documents, including a planning statement.

The applicants said the development would be in a sustainable location and bring a vacant site back into service, while increasing footfall along the street and “enhancing the vitality of this area”.

Additionally, it was noted that no “sequentially preferable” sites were available in the area to meet the requirements of the layout, including floor space and drive-thru.

The planning statement adds: ‘The proposed development, due to its location, layout, scale and design, would not result in any visually intrusive or detrimental development.

Photo of the site off Claypath Lane and Crossgate, near South Shields Town Hall. Photo: Google Street View.

“The proposed scale, design, materials and size of the units are considered acceptable at this location.

“The buildings would blend in well with the surrounding landscape, so the development would be in line with local plan policies and the national planning policy framework as a whole.

“The development would have no implications for the amenities of local residents, and safe vehicular access to the site and adequate parking and refuse storage on site would be provided.”

According to planning documents, the site once housed an office building, but this has been demolished and the land is now vacant.

A decision on the business unit and drive-thru plans will be made at the end of a council consultation period.

For more information on the proposal or to follow its progress, visit South Tyneside Council’s online planning portal and search for reference: ST/0746/22/FUL


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