A Toronto-area police department has released its list of the most ridiculous 911 calls, and it includes non-emergency requests related to uncooperative children, long drive-thru lines, and hoax calls.

In a statement released Friday, the Durham Regional Police Department said officers were responding to an average of 600 911 calls per day. However, some of these calls were not justified.

Here is a list of some of the most “ridiculous” calls according to the police for 2021:

1. The drive-thru queue at Taco Bell was too long.

2. A appellant’s kitchen was flooded. Agents told them to contact their insurance company and a plumber. The caller hung up and called 911 again, hoping for a different answer.

3. Hoax calls from children asking if a refrigerator was working.

4. A parent asked the police to “scare” his 12-year-old son. The child was talking to his parent.

5. A caller wanted agents to force their nine year old son to tell them the wifi password after changing it.

6. Similarly, another caller dialed 911 because he wanted the police to find his wifi password.

7. Others called the police to get their COVID-19 test results.

8. An Uber driver called the police after being upset that his client was not coming to the vehicle and had been waiting for 10 minutes.

9. Calls related to missing cats or cats stuck in a tree.

10. Someone called 911 because they wanted the non-emergency police telephone number.

11. Someone wanted to charge a pizza place because their order was wrong and they were refused a new one.

12. A caller said that a parking garage door cost their money and they couldn’t leave the area.

“The misuse of 911 has the potential to delay obtaining help from a person in a life-threatening emergency,” police said in the statement.

“Before dialing 911, remember that these are police, medical or fire emergencies, which means there is an immediate threat to someone’s health, safety or property. a.”

The non-emergency line for the Durham Regional Police Service is 905-579-1520.


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