POPULAR fast food chain McDonald’s has presented plans to change its Fullbridge restaurant.

Plans have been revealed for the reconfiguration of the drive-thru lane at Maldon McDonald’s in Fullbridge Road to allow side-by-side ordering with changes to parking and curb lines.

It also includes changes to the elevations, including the roof and the extension incorporating an additional drive-thru cab for the introduction of Quick Order.

The storefront entrance would also be moved alongside new full-height glazing and the introduction of two new access doors.

Two new digital displays for customer orders would be installed along with canopies, a goal post height limiter and replacement face panels.

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The restaurant’s agent, Planware, said the main change to the general layout of the site was the introduction of a fast-forward lane.

This will allow a customer to head to a third stall, if there is a small delay in the order, rather than going to the grill bays.

Three parking spaces would be lost for changes.

It added in a statement: “Due to changing demand and the overall shift to drive-thru customers, the operation of the drive-thru has been the focus of this review and is considered based on the current trend.

“The introduction of the fast forward lane and the overall loss of three parking spaces is seen as an operational improvement to ensure traffic is kept in the drive-thru lane in line with the safety and speed of the service.”

Maldon District Council will decide on the new application.


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