Some classic iOS games have been upgraded for their Apple Arcade debut this week, but that’s just the start of this week’s roundup. A new iOS app gives you the chance to win prizes for not driving like a jerk. And a new Mac app lets you effortlessly declutter your presentations.

Plus, a few heavy apps got updates – sort of serious from a privacy standpoint and almost completely frivolous. Are you ready for your app upgrades?

Doodle God Universe

New Apple Arcade Game Doodle God Universe allows you to be… creative.
Screenshots: JoyBits

It’s time to play God! In Doodle God Universe, one of three revamped classic games added to Apple Arcade this week, An Empty Planet is your palette. The puzzle / world building game gives you four basic elements to play with, but the creation of the universe is up to you.

“You will also have to use your wits and imagination in combining air, water, fire and earth to create hundreds of new elements to bring your planet to life! Says developer JoyBits in the app store description of the game.

The original Doodle god game, released in 2010, became a hit. This enhanced version includes new leaderboards, tips, music, achievements and more.

Price: Free with Apple Arcade subscription

Download from: App Store (iOS, iPadOS, Mac and tvOS)

TrypScore: Drive safely and earn

Drive safely and earn rewards with the new TrypScore driving app.
Drive safely and earn rewards with TrypScore.
Screenshots: Medidas Technologies

Sponsored: The new TrypScore app wants to turn safe driving into a game, with winners receiving gift cards. But the ultimate price saves lives. The free app measures every “Tryp” you take, then gives you a driving score that takes into account your speed, acceleration, braking, turns and smartphone usage.

Safe driving takes you up the TrypScore rankings – and prizes await.

“TrypScore was designed to be fun,” said Bill Bland, founder and CEO of Medidas Technologies, the creator of the app, in a press release. “Our users can challenge each other in our leaderboards, collect ‘Pyns’ in our partner’s TrypStops and participate in contests such as our Drive Free contest for one year. We love the stories our users send us, including the families who challenge each other for the highest TrypScore, the incredible fuel savings from improved driving and, of course, when they win a contest or the one of our daily or weekly challenges for real gift cards. “

Currently, TrypScore is being rolled out in parts of the United States and Canada. But even if you don’t live in one of these lucky places, you can register now and start earning free Drive contest entries for a year. The winner receives payments for the vehicle for one year, plus money to cover insurance and gasoline. (Also, you can enter this very important username so you don’t end up with something like “bobsmith2021.”)

Price: To free

Download from: App Store (iOS) or Google Play


If you're using Google's iOS app, it's easier than ever to take control of your search history.
If you use the Google app, it’s easier than ever to take control of your search history.
Screenshots: Google

Now, the know-it-all (and remember-everything) Google app gives you an easy way to lock down your search history. Some people scrupulously avoid using Google products due to the company’s usual data retrieval. But really, no one’s search results come close.

This week’s update to Google’s iOS app could help allay some privacy concerns. You can now restrict access to your search history by hiding it behind a password or two-factor authentication. Plus, a new tool lets you instantly delete the last 15 minutes from your search history.

Price: To free

Download from: App Store (iOS, iPadOS)

Angry Birds Reloaded

Angry Birds Reloaded on Apple Arcade: These birds look angrier than ever!
These birds seem angrier than ever!
Screenshots: Rovio Entertainment

There is more than one way to turn the bird over. Developer Rovio Entertainment has reinvented the classic iOS game of 2009 angry Birds “from scratch” for Apple Arcade, says Cupertino.

Added to Apple’s subscription gaming service this week, Angry Birds Reloaded will feel familiar to anyone who has ever wasted hours catapulting cartoon birds at pugnacious pigs. But the new version brings “refreshed graphics and sound effects, nice bonuses, and on Eagle Island you’ll have new characters to cast, like the coffee-drinking pig, Garry.”

Whether you are a angry Birds vet or a total noob, it’s always a ridiculously fun way to waste time.

Price: Free with Apple Arcade subscription

Download from: App Store (iOS, iPadOS, Mac and tvOS)

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Adds Soundmojis: You really should be using FaceTime, but whatever.
You really should be using FaceTime, but whatever.
Screenshots: Facebook

Like the venerable Google app, Facebook Messenger is certainly not “new”. However, this week’s update brought a new feature: audible emojis that Facebook calls “Soundmojis”.

As the name suggests, Soundmojis associate common emoji with sounds. Some are literal interpretations of the images (chirping crickets for the cricket emoji). Others offer audio clips of movies, songs and TV shows. If you love emojis and like the idea of ​​giving them a sound boost, here’s how to use Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger.

Price: To free

Download from: App Store (iOS, iPadOS) or Google Play

AppSwitcher ~ Clean up the app switcher

AppSwitcher makes Mac screen sharing much less distracting.
AppSwitcher makes Mac screen sharing much less distracting.
Screenshots: Aquarius computer

Tired of multiple application windows cluttering up your Mac desktop? Aquarius Computer, creator of a new application called AppSwitcher, feels your pain and is ready to provide a solution.

With AppSwitcher running in the background, you can click between your other Mac apps and you’ll only see the most recent one you’ve invoked. For example, suppose you are viewing a web page in Safari and want to check your emails. Click on the Mail app in the Dock, and pouf – Safari disappears, leaving only Mail on your screen.

The app is designed to make screen sharing prettier and less cumbersome during presentations, but it actually looks like it could bring a touch of serenity to a busy day.

Price: $ 2.99

Download from: App Store (Mac)

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City.  Prepare to sandboard to the Lost City.
Prepare to sandboard to the Lost City.
Screenshots: Snowman

A second sequel to the 2015 brilliant Alto’s adventure, The third new Apple Arcade game of the week takes sandboarding into new areas. Specifically, in The Lost City, which Apple calls “a vibrant and vibrant fourth biome.”

The updated game, called Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, is built on Alto’s Odyssey, which was released in 2018. This game added “new elements including wall rides, vortices that will propel you through the air, and overhead obstacles such as hot air balloons that you can propel,” as we wrote on the website. ‘era.

With Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, you get all of that plus the “serene vibe and intuitive controls” of the original, Apple says.

Price: Free with Apple Arcade subscription

Download from: App Store (iOS, iPadOS, Mac and tvOS)



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