The Jamestown youth received a special visit today from three MAC Adelaide Lightning players.

Ieva Nagy, Mollie McKendrick and Kayla Standish were in town promoting road safety as part of the Motor Accident Commission’s Game Changer campaign.

“We are incorporating fun basketball skills into the Motor Accident Commission’s (MAC) pedestrian safety message,” said Mollie McKendrick.

MAC’s Game Changer campaign seeks to draw parallels between the actions of basketball players on the field and the actions of motorists on the road. The campaign bridges the choices made on the pitch and those made behind the wheel – and the profound impact a bad choice can have on the end result.

The players visited Jamestown Community School, St James’s Elementary School and will be at the Jamestown Basketball Association today from 4pm.

For the three players, this is their first time in Jamestown.

“It was really great here, the kids at Jamestown Community School were really involved and we had a lot of fun,” said Kayla Standish.

MAC members Adelaide Lightning traveled across South Australia to promote road safety.

“From the association’s point of view, it is important to have representation of professional female players, to show young students that there are different paths because football is heavily dominated in the country,” said Steve Giddens, l lighting coach of MAC Adelaide.

“Students across the state have responded very well,” Mollie said.

“It shows them that women can be successful in professional sport. ”

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