Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that Archie’s favorite words were ‘drive safely’ during their interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in the United States on Sunday night.

Speaking about their son Archie, who turns two in May, the couple said one of their favorite words was “hydrate” as well as the phrase “drive safely.”

“For the past two weeks it’s been ‘hydrating’, which is just hysterical!” Meghan, 39, told Oprah.

Prince Harry, 36, added: “But also, every time someone leaves the house they say to themselves: ‘Drive carefully! Drive safely ! He’s not even two years old yet. “

The couple spoke about Archie’s favorite words (Credit: CBS)

Speaking of pulling Archie out of the spotlight, Harry added, “I guess the highlight for me is sticking him to the back of the bike in his little baby seat and taking him on those bike rides, which I do. never could do… do when I was young.

“I can see him in the back, and he’s got his arms outstretched. And he’s like ‘whoo’ chatting, chatting, chatting, going, ‘palm tree, house’ and all that stuff.”

The couple also shared new footage of little Archie. The adorable clip shows the toddler running along the beach in California with Meghan and the family’s puppy.

The couple also shared recently released footage of little Archie (Credit: CBS)
The couple also shared recently released footage of little Archie (Credit: CBS)

And social media users were particularly moved by Archie’s use of the words “drive safely”, with some links to the tragic death of his grandmother, Princess Diana.

“Not to be macabre but Arshit saying ‘drive safe’ to his mom and dad every time they leave the house … it’s so adorable, but when you look at it through the context of Diana and the current situation, it’s just awful, “wrote one person.

While another added: “Every time someone leaves the house,




(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)



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