Remember when we were kids we were scared every time the vehicle we were in went into a tunnel? We finally got out of this fear, but it turns out that the tunnels are indeed dangerous if certain driving rules are not followed. Reckless driving by others is something that every driver in India should learn to deal with, however, there are certain professional tips for safe driving in a tunnel which should also be remembered if a pleasant drive is to be ensured. Here they are.

Use your lights

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Turning on the headlights is a no-brainer. Not only do they give you a good overview of the road ahead, but the fact that they also illuminate the rear lights ensures that people driving behind you are aware of your presence. In unlit tunnels, headlamps are absolutely necessary, but in well-lit tunnels, it is good practice to simply turn on your position lights for safety.

Keep your distance


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Hard braking in the dark can be difficult to handle. Keep this in mind, always make sure there is a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Five to six meters is preferable as it allows you to apply the brakes slowly and steadily if necessary.

Avoid changing lanes

Tunnel or not, changing lanes for no reason is always discouraged. Staying in the same lane is a kind of discipline for you and the cars around you. Unnecessarily swinging between them disrupts this order. It can also be dangerous because of blind spots that are not visible on your mirrors.

Don’t stop in the tunnels


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Tunnels are a dangerous place to stop your vehicles as people drive at high speed as they don’t expect stationary vehicles inside. Stopping inside tunnels is absolutely forbidden, but if your car ever breaks down in a tunnel, be sure to turn on your hazard lights and park on the absolute side of the road.

follow the signs

Another one of our pro tips for driving safely through a tunnel is to follow the road signs. They usually have important messages displayed on them regarding the type of terrain the tunnel has. They can warn you of construction areas, slippery roads, and other conditions that may impede your safe driving, so keep an eye out for them when you’re inside tunnels.

Obey the speed limit


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Every major highway allows you to navigate at high speeds, but there is always a speed limit which is decided keeping in mind the various turns and terrains that meet you along the way. The same goes for tunnels. Therefore, they always have a speed limit that you must obey to keep yourself away from danger.

These are all the pro tips for driving safely through a tunnel that you need to remember the next time you hit the highway.


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