NEW ALBANY – A proposed amendment to redesign State Street Chick-fil-A drive-thru was approved by the New Albany Board of Zoning Appeals on Tuesday in an attempt to address some traffic issues in the restaurant parking lot.

The new design would include two awnings, one for order taking and one for delivery. A second drive-thru lane would be added under this new design. To accommodate an alternate lane and awnings, the Chick-fil-A will lose four of its 26 parking spaces.

In the current design, driving traffic enters through the second lane of the Chick-fil-A parking lot. The updated plan is to move the drive-thru entrance to the first aisle, closer to the State Street entrance. The design plan shows the addition of a mountable sidewalk at the end of the second driveway to try to keep motorists out of the drive-thru from this section of the parking lot.

Sonya Smith, a property manager at 2221 State St., visited the Public Works and Safety Council in June and said the volume of cars in the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A was causing traffic problems for other businesses in the adjacent neighborhood. mall.

City Engineer Larry Summers noted at the same June meeting that there is an issue with Chick-fil-A traffic that cuts off access to parking in the lot.

Representatives of Chick-fil-A and members of the Zoning Appeal Board believe the change to the drive-thru driveway will alleviate congestion and tension in the parking lot.

Now that the waiver has been approved, Chick-fil-A representatives must present proof that the owner of the strip center, which includes Feeders Supply and Jimmy Johns, has agreed to authorize changes to the area, and then a building permit. can be signed.

While changes to drive-thru may alleviate traffic jams as well, Chick-fil-A representatives noted that this new design is a model used in other locations in the chain and is designed to improve service as well.

Drive-thru for Chick-fil-A increased during the pandemic because the interior was closed, but board chairman Warren Nash said in June traffic was poor before the venue closed to eat.


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