Ohio reported 27,785 new coronavirus cases in the week ending Sunday, down 7% from the previous week. The previous week had 29,876 new cases of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Ohio ranked 22nd among the states where the coronavirus was spreading the fastest per person, according to a USA TODAY Network analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University. Over the past week, coronavirus cases in the United States are down 14.2% from the previous week, with 781,487 cases reported. With 3.5% of the nation’s population, Ohio recorded 3.6% of the nation’s cases last week. Across the country, 13 states had more cases in the past week than the previous week.

However, public health experts warn that the true number of cases is likely much higher because many people are not testing or reporting the results of tests they take at home.

What are the CDC COVID levels in Summit County?

The COVID-19 community level for Summit County was raised from “medium” to “high” in the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maps released Thursday.

After:Summit drops from medium to high Covid level, per CDC

CDC data, released weekly on Thursdays, shows Stark and Wayne counties both went from ‘low’ to ‘medium’, Portage County remained ‘high’ and Medina County remained ‘medium’ “.

Drive-thru COVID vaccination event

In response to the county’s rising level of COVID, Summit County Public Health is hosting a free drive-thru clinic for COVID vaccines on August 23.

The drive-in event will be held at the West Akron Health Department Headquarters at 1867 W. Market St. from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax vaccines will be offered, per CDC guidelines.

Novavax, which was approved by the CDC last month, will only be offered in the primary series, the health department said. If you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, you are not eligible to receive Novavax, the department said in a press release.

Visits without an appointment will be accepted. If a line develops, the health services ask that people do not stop on the train tracks. Masks are required at all Summit County Public Health immunization clinics.

The drive-thru will offer second Pfizer & Moderna booster doses in accordance with CDC guidelines or four months or more after the date of the first booster dose for the following individuals: those aged 50 and older; 12 years and older (Pfizer) and 18 years or older (Moderna) moderately or severely immunocompromised; and patients who received Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine for their first shot and booster.

For those in counties considered “high” for COVID, the CDC recommends wearing a mask indoors in public, keeping up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, and getting tested if showing symptoms of COVID- 19. People at high risk of serious illness may want to take extra safety precautions.

How did Greater Akron fare with cases?

In data from Johns Hopkins, Summit County reported 1,073 cases and no deaths in the past week. A week earlier, it had reported 1,082 cases and no deaths. Throughout the pandemic, it has reported 125,846 cases and 1,741 deaths.

Portage County has reported 295 cases and no deaths in the past week. A week earlier, it had reported 365 cases and no deaths. Throughout the pandemic, it has reported 38,226 cases and 451 deaths.

Stark County has reported 653 cases and no deaths in the past week. A week earlier, it had reported 689 cases and no deaths. Throughout the pandemic, it has reported 86,966 cases and 1,738 deaths.

Medina County has reported 316 cases and no deaths in the past week. A week earlier, it had reported 353 cases and one death. Throughout the pandemic, it has reported 44,508 cases and 518 deaths.

Wayne County has reported 198 cases and no deaths in the past week. A week earlier, it had reported 184 cases and no deaths. Throughout the pandemic, it has reported 25,154 cases and 446 deaths.

Across Ohio, cases fell in 58 counties, with the best declines in Montgomery County, with 1,431 cases from 1,781 a week earlier; in Hamilton County, with 1,865 of 2,180 cases; and in Clermont County, with 490 cases out of 604. ​

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In Ohio, the worst weekly outbreaks per person occurred in Jackson County with 515 cases per 100,000 per week; Pike County with 472; and Gallia County with 458. The Centers for Disease Control says high levels of community transmission are starting at 100 cases per 100,000 per week.

Adding the most new cases overall was Franklin County, with 2,914 cases; Cuyahoga County, with 2,857 cases; and Hamilton County, with 1,865. Weekly case counts rose in 30 counties from the previous week. The worst increases from the previous week’s pace occurred in Highland, Erie and Hancock counties.

In Ohio, no people were reported dead from COVID-19 in the week ending Sunday. The previous week, eight people had been declared dead.

A total of 2,976,027 people in Ohio have tested positive for the coronavirus since the pandemic began, and 39,133 people have died from the disease, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. In the United States, 92,112,922 people have tested positive and 1,033,556 people have died.

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Ohio COVID-19 hospital admissions remain steady

USA TODAY analyzed data from federal hospitals as of Sunday, August 7. Probable COVID patients admitted in the state:

  • Last week: 2,191
  • The week before: 2,222
  • Four weeks ago: 1,715

Probable COVID patients admitted to the country:

  • Last week: 72,801
  • The week before: 72,098
  • Four weeks ago: 67,603

Hospitals in 24 states reported more COVID-19 patients than a week earlier, while hospitals in 24 states had more COVID-19 patients in intensive care beds. Hospitals in 33 states admitted more COVID-19 patients in the past week than a week earlier, according to USA TODAY analysis of US Health and Human Services data.

Beacon Journal reporter Betty Lin-Fisher contributed to this report. The USA TODAY Network posts localized versions of this story on its news sites across the country, generated with data from Johns Hopkins University and the Centers for Disease Control. If you have any questions about the data or the story, contact Mike Stucka at [email protected]


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