A senior Tim Hortons boss has insisted his new Derby drive-thru restaurant will not lead to traffic chaos – despite fears raised by council chiefs.

Plans for a new Tim Hortons cafe at The Wyvern were approved by councilors at Derby City Council’s Planning Committee meeting on Thursday evening.

The majority of councilors voted against a recommendation from their own officers to deny the request before voting to locate the Canadian outlet in the city.

The new store will create up to 75 new jobs and replace the old Pizza Hut.

This will join the new Marks and Spencer Food Hall in the area which is due to open for the first time just yards from where Horton’s premises will be.

With the clearance granted, restaurant bosses can now kick off their plans to open the new Derby store – one of more than 50 in the UK.

Ahead of the planning meeting, councilors were told of concerns that a new drive-thru lane could cause major traffic problems in the Wyvernside/Checkers Road area.

Planning permission has been granted for the opening of a new Tim Hortons restaurant in Derby

The official wording of a council report published ahead of the planning vote read: ‘Highways officers are of the opinion that the proposed development is likely to contribute to an unacceptable impact on road safety which cannot be acceptably mitigated .”

But Kevin Hydes, chief commercial officer of Tim Hortons, speaking to advisers and executives at the pre-vote meeting refuted those claims.

“The Tim Hortons proposed store will only add at most one car every four minutes to the road network during peak hours,” he said.

“Simply put, having Tim Hortons here won’t compromise your road network.

“Therefore, I urge you to go against the agent’s recommendation and approve the application so that Tim Hortons can serve the people of Derby who clearly want us to be here.”

The majority of councilors then approved the new restaurant.

Mr Hydes also claimed that the cause of the traffic problems in the area was due to the development of the nearby Costco car park, which he believed the council could solve.

But City Council bosses said there was disagreement over Tim Hortons’ position on the traffic issue.

Derby City Council’s Andrew Gibbard said at the meeting: ‘I think there is a disagreement between what we think it will generate (traffic) and what the claimant thinks it will generate.

“Pizza Hut didn’t generate a lot of travel, it was a fairly modest restaurant operation.

“In total, this is where we disagree with the claimant – we believe 46% of trips will be the result of fast food takeaway or drive-thru, compared to the claimant who thinks that’s 25%.

“On top of that, the claimant has assumed that people who go to KFC and Burger King are going to swap and go to Tim Hortons – that’s something we dispute because we think it’s an offer totally different food.”

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