The campaign comes after a dangerous weekend for two vehicle crashes involving pedestrians

BRYAN, Texas – With the crash of two pedestrians over the weekend, adding to the total number of pedestrian crashes for the month of October, TX Dot has created a new campaign called “Be Safe. Drive smart ”

This campaign was designed in the hope of raising awareness among drivers about their environment, especially when it comes to people on foot or by bicycle.

Tx Dot reported in 2020, there were 4,852 traffic accidents involving pedestrians in Texas,

With 22 of them occurring here in Brazos County, resulting in three deaths and three serious injuries.

“Everything we do is aimed at ending the streak. In the footage, we haven’t had a day without a death on our road since November 7, 2000, ”said Bobby Colwell of Bryan District.

According to Tx Dot from 2016 to 2020, the number of pedestrians killed as a result of traffic accidents increased by 5%. Knowing that at some point, everyone will play the role of a pedestrian, whether it’s exiting a ball game or just crossing the street.

“If we are driving we have to focus on getting down the road and not hitting anything which is our main thing and if we are walking we don’t need to be on the phone either we have to be careful and look both ways and we all have to pay attention to each other, ”Colwell said.

In Texas, there are rules to help keep pedestrians safe. Some examples are always crossed at pedestrian crossings, if a sidewalk is provided, use it, as a driver you must yield the right of way to pedestrians. Traffic officers are always on the lookout.

“The penalties for anything from a simple ticket to a few hundred dollars or, depending on the circumstances, saying you were intoxicated during an event where you get into a car and hit a car. nobody, it could result in felony-type penalties. ”Kole Taylor said Bryan’s constable.

Officers and point-TX officials encourage drivers and pedestrians to limit all distractions in traffic.

“Typically, when a wreck occurs or someone is hit by a car, someone has done something wrong, whether it is a pedestrian or the moving car,” Office Taylor said.



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