HOUSTON (KIAH) – DST can mean extra drivers on the road in areas they don’t normally drive to, and because of that, TxDOT is reminding drivers to “Be Safe.” Drive smart.’ with a campaign for the summer.

Speeding is the number one cause of traffic accidents in Texas, and speeding increases the risk of death and serious injury in a crash. Last year, there were more than 163,000 speeding crashes in the Lone Star State, and 1,532 people died. That’s an average of four people killed daily in Texas due to speeding incidents.

Danny Perez of the Texas Department of Transportation discusses the campaign with Hannah Trippett here:

Driving at a safe speed often means more than following the posted speed limit. TxDOT has these safety tips for motorists:

• Adapt your speed to road conditions in case of bad weather or if you are crossing a work zone.

• Slow down and allow more distance to stop in heavy traffic.

• Watch for signs warning you of reduced speed limits ahead.

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