The Texas Department of Transportation is urging motorists and parents to be extra careful around school zones and bus stops as Texas children return to school this month.

TxDOT’s “Be Safe. Drive Smart” campaign encourages drivers to be careful in school zones, especially when traffic patterns are unpredictable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TxDOT said.

According to TxDOT, 784 traffic accidents occurred in school zones in Texas last year, killing one and seriously injuring 12.

The most common causes of these crashes were driver inattention, lack of speed control and not yielding to a stop sign or turning left, the department said.

Likewise, TxDOT said five people were killed and 76 seriously injured last year in the 2,453 traffic crashes involving school buses in Texas. The speed and inattention of the driver were also the main factors contributing to these crashes.

In light of previous accidents involving school buses and school buses, TxDOT is launching its “Be Safe. Drive smart ”.

The campaign offers tips to help motorists share the road with school buses and drive more safely in school zones, as well as safety tips for children walking or cycling to school. .



"Be Safe. Drive Smart:" TxDOT Launches Summer Driving Campaign


TxDOT launches annual "Be Safe" program. Drive smart.' country

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