AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Department of Transportation has launched a new “Be Safe.” Drive smart. this week, which urges motorists to use caution when driving around large trucks on Texas roads.

TxDOT’s Public Information Officer Jake Smith said this campaign aligned with #EndTheStreakTX’s overall message.

“We share the road, whether it’s 18-wheelers and big trucks,” Smith said. “We all want to get to our destination safely, and that is the purpose of this campaign. “

The initiative is a key part of End the Streak Texas – encouraging drivers to make the right choice behind the wheel – helping end the string of daily fatalities.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 32,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents.

Smith said the campaign aims to remind drivers of the importance of safe driving.

“Remember that big trucks and 18-wheelers have blind spots. These blind spots are in the front, back and sides, where a lot of accidents happen, ”Smith said.

Other tips TxDOT recommends are to pass safely, avoid a truck’s “no-go zones”, and never pass a backing truck.

While driving through central Texas, particularly on Interstate 35, Smith says these tips will help not only truck drivers, but passenger vehicles as well.



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