TYLER, Texas (KLTV) — The Texas Department of Transportation is raising awareness of the dangers of speeding through its “Be Safe. Drive Smart” program.

In 2021, there were 163,756 traffic accidents in the Lone Star State. Subsequently, 1,532 deaths occurred. This represents an average of four people killed daily in Texas due to speeding incidents.

“The number one factor in crashes in Texas is speeding. One-third of road deaths are speeding in our state,” said Jeff Williford, public information manager for TxDOT Tyler District.

TxDOT wants to end this streak by encouraging Texas motorists to pledge to drive safely.

Along with this campaign, TxDOT and participating Texas law enforcement agencies are teaming up for “Operation Slowdown.”

This effort is for those agencies that work to better enforce speed limits, such as driving to show drivers what a safe speed looks like, as well as writing citations where necessary.

Andy Erbaugh, public information officer for the Tyler Police Department, advises motorists in Texas to drive defensively. “What I like to tell people is to slow down because not only can you get a speeding ticket, but you can hurt yourself or someone else.”

This month, you can find the “Be safe. Drive Smart” accelerates campaign campaigns on TV, radio, billboards, gas pumps and social media.

This campaign plays a vital role in #EndtheStreakTX, which is a broader social media effort that encourages drivers to make safer choices on the roads. These include wearing your seatbelt, obeying the speed limit, putting your phone away, or never driving under the influence.

The last day without a death on Texas roads was November 7, 2000. #EndTheStreakTX is asking all Texans to help end the streak of daily deaths by driving safely.

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TxDOT launches "Be Safe. Drive Smart" campaign to warn motorists of the dangers of speeding


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