HOUSTON (CW39) The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is launching a new campaign to avoid distracted driving, especially around large platforms and 18-wheelers.

TxDOT urges motorists to make safety a priority when driving, especially in areas where oil and gas activities often result in increased traffic and large trucks in rural areas and adjacent communities.

TxDOT offers these tips to motorists when driving in power generating areas across the Lone Star State:

  • Drive at a safe speed, taking into account traffic, road conditions and weather.
  • Concentrate 100% on driving and put your phone away: no talking or texting while driving.
  • Give big trucks plenty of room, be patient, and only pass when it’s safe and legal.
  • Obey stop signs and traffic lights.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Always wear your seat belt — drivers and passengers, day or night.

Drivers should also remember the “Move Over or Slow Down” law, requiring motorists to enter a lane or slow down to 20mph below the posted speed limit when approaching a driving vehicle. emergency, law enforcement, TxDOT vehicle, tow truck or utility vehicle stopped with flashing lights activated on the side of the road.



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