TxDOT urges drivers to obey all traffic laws to keep children safe and avoid costly fines and tickets

TEXAS, USA – TxDOT launches its “Be Safe. Drive Smarter ”by reminding drivers to watch out for children walking and cycling to school and offering safety tips for drivers and children.

“We have thousands, if not millions of Texas kids going back to school [this week]”said Bob Colwell, Public Information Officer for TxDOT Bryan District,” TxDOT wants everyone to be safe, so we are launching this campaign in conjunction with our #EndTheStreakTX campaign. “

Colwell said we haven’t had a day without a death on the roads of Texas since November 7, 2000.

“We are not only asking motorists who drive in school zones, but also children to do their part,” said Colwell, “it is never too early to start road safety with children.”

Colwell said this campaign tells children that before crossing a street they should look right, left and then right to make sure no cars are coming.

“We’re also leading the campaign because a lot of kids in the state of Texas go to school by bike or on foot,” Colwell said, “so he [this campaign] is for everyone.

Colwell said that in 2020, even though we had less traffic on the roads due to the pandemic, TxDOT reported more than 400 injuries in school zone-related crashes, 11 of which were serious, Colwell said, luckily. , that no one was killed.

The most common causes of accidents in school zones are lack of speed control, driver inattention, not giving way at a stop sign, and not giving way. to a private driveway.

“In school bus traffic, we had 1214 school bus accidents last year [2020]”said Colwell,” this is something that we believe is preventable, it is unacceptable and we want to change that. “

With all of this in mind, TxDOT urges drivers to slow down, stay alert, and follow all traffic laws to keep children safe and avoid expensive fines and tickets.

Here are some fines associated with overtaking a school bus: misdemeanor punishable by a fine of at least $ 500 or more than $ 1,250, except that the offense is:

  1. A misdemeanor is punishable by a fine of not less than $ 1,000 or not more than $ 2,000 if the person is convicted of a second or subsequent offense under this section committed within five years. following the date on which the most recent previous offense was committed.

“I think it would be more tragic to lose a child than to pay this type of fine,” Colwell said. “That’s the whole message, the key to our program is that we want everyone to be safe.”



TxDOT reminds motorists to drive safely during the school year


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