A permanent GP drive-through surgery, considered the first of its kind in the UK, opens to the public in Aston, Birmingham, tomorrow (Saturday 23).

It was set up by a provider of GPs outside of NHS hours for Birmingham after running a temporary one to help people during the height of the pandemic.

The hope is to prevent people from getting seriously ill, ending up in the hospital and puttingadditional pressure on NHS services.

Faye Wilson is a general practitioner and medical director of Badger Group who developed the new idea

“The point is that we can see people safely, whether they have Covid or not. We can give them the same level of emergency treatment as if we were before. And we can also see people with it. the same number of staff as quickly and efficiently as if Covid did not exist – but while keeping everyone safe. “

It comes as there is increasing pressure on the Prime Minister to do more to reinstate some mandatory Covid measures as cases start to rise.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has a simple piece of advice: Use your own judgment, but wear face coverings where you can.

“I actually think it’s very clear, if you’re in a crowded place, you should make your own decision and wear a mask. I came here by transport, I wore my mask in there. are in a busy event, I will wear my mask and hope others will see that it is the right thing to do. “

This new hub at Aston will soon be able to see up to five hundred patients per day in a much more secure manner against Covid.

“Well, I’m a GP too, so I see it and I feel it. I come from traditional general practice in my past, so

I understand everything, exactly. And one of the problems is that it delays it, is that if you have a patient with Covid who comes into your waiting room and infects everyone – you’ve done a terrible disservice. So it’s a safe place where people can be seen. “


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