VIA Drive Thru is taking to Greater Cairo’s major OOH scene with a massive awareness campaign aimed at maximizing the brand’s familiarity with the mobile app and food delivery service. The delivery service sends the main message that the traffic should not interfere with the customer. The brand also sends the message that in today’s busy world, where traffic is not limited to standard rush hour and easy parking is mostly considered a privilege; we all deserve the ease of running important errands quickly while still being able to afford our favorite snacks and drinks.

VIA Drive Thru currently offers the advantage of simply ordering the desired items through a simple and easy mobile app. The ad uses ad copy that translates to “Drive to the seller’s store and wait in the comfort and safety of your car while your order is delivered to your car window as soon as you signaled your arrival”. The ad copy also reads “With VIA Drive Thru there is no traffic or long queues”. The campaign also encourages the OOH audience in Cairo to “Download Now” through Google Play or the App Store. The campaign also depicts one of the VIA Drive Thru employees, holding a box filled with a coffee holder carrying two mugs.

To learn more about VIA’s Drive Thru campaign, visit Out-of-home surveillance (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency and active analysis system in Cairo and Dubai, which will provide you with details on campaign types, types, locations, budgets, media plans, etc.


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